The Revenger's Tragedy at the Rose Playhouse, Bankside

Em-Lou Productions will present The Revenger's Tragedy, by Thomas Middleton, directed by Peter Darney, at the Rose Playhouse in Bankside, south London, from 3 to 27 March 2016.

The production features set design by Nicky Martin Harper, lighting by Sherry Coenen and choreography by Alex Scurr. Cast includes Deborah Kearne (Duchess), Emma Sylvester (Spurio), Ben Scarles (Duke), Alex Enmarch-Nichol (Castiza), Ani Nelson (Vindice), Rebecca Tanwen (Ambitioso), Rose Akroyd (Antonia), Allie Croker (Supervacuo), Olivia Collinge Gawn (Piero / Ensemble), Sophia Hannides (Lussurioso), Bittany Batkins (Hippolito), Gareth Watkins (Gratiana), Alice Woodsworth (Dondolo / ensemble), Camilla Watson (Junior) and Kit Heanue (Lord Antonio).

Synopsis: "The story of Vindice, a woman who lost her fiancée eight years ago, he having been poisoned by a lecherous duchess for refusing to consent to have sex with her. Both this and the rejection of her recently deceased mother at the hands of the duchess mean that Vendice, and her sister Hipolito, are out for revenge. Disguised, she comes to a lustful and decadent court to wreak havoc on those responsible. Rape, murder, greed and betrayal combine in this steam-punk gothic world where no one can be trusted, and anyone can be killed."

The Revenger's Tragedy is described as a "gender-swapped production".

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