The Robot Sings - new musical from Video Killed The Radio Star duo in development

New musical in development

Video Killed the Radio Star

It has been announced that the creative minds behind the hit single "Video Killed The Radio Star" Bruce Woolley, Trevor Horn are working on a new musical. Provisionally entitled The Robot Sings it features an original story and score and is inspired by Shakespeare's late play The Tempest.

The musical is currently in early initial development and will feature additional music by composer Geoff Downes, script by Jack Woolley, and visual moods realised by US graphic designer and illustrator Paul Sizer.

The Robot Sings imagines a Sci-Fi world which reflects the work of authors such as Brain Aldiss, JG Ballard and Isaac Asimov, in which robots obediently serve their human masters. When his robot guardian is cruelly shut-down, orphan Jay must face up to his village's inherent prejudices and sets out on a quest to save her. His act of bravery triggers changes that could lead to a robot-human reconciliation or all-out war. Told with humour, music, and most of all heart – this is a story about standing up for those you love, human or robot.

"Video Killed The Radio Star" is famous for being the first ever music video shown on MTV when it launched in 1981 by 'Buggles'. This weekend saw a new version of the song released by Bruce Woolley and The Radio Science Orchestra featuring British singer-songwriter Polly Scattergood.

Further details and a timeline for development are yet to be announced.


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