The Roman Bath by Stanislav Stratiev at the Arcola Theatre

Gologan Productions presents The Roman Bath, by Stanislav Stratiev, in a new version by Justin Butcherek, at the Arcola Theatre, a fringe venue in east London, from 28 April to 15 May 2010.

Directed by Russell Bolam, starring Ifan Meredith (Ivan Antonov), Bo Poraj (Vasilev), Rhona Croker (Martha), Lloyd Woolf (Lifeguard), Christopher Hogben, Jonathan Rhodes, David Schaal, Wendy Wason, Richard Atwill.

Ivan returns from a trip to the seaside to find his home torn apart. Builders have unearthed a lost treasure beneath his floorboards: an ornate bath dating back to Roman times. As the excavation destroys his flat, professors, businessman with dodgy Swiss connections,local councillors,reporters and even the national union of lifeguards set up camp. Everyone wants to claim the discovery –while all Ivan wants is some peace.

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