The Rose Theatre Kingston Xmas & Spring 2013 Season

The Rose Theatre, in Kingston, south London has announced its Christmas show and its Spring 2013 season.

Cinderella The Midnight Princess, adapted by Charles Way, directed by Rachel Kavanaugh. 30 Nov 2012 to 6 Jan 2013. A fairy godmother, wicked step-sisters, a handsome prince, a glass slipper and a struggling court composer called Mozart.

The Vortex, by Noel Coward, directed by Stephen Unwin. 7 Feb to 9 March 2013. What do you do if your mother’s lovers are the same age as you? The relationship between the decadent young Nicky Lancaster and his highly-sexed mother.

Rutherford & Son, by Githa Sowerby. Edited for Northern Broadsides by Blake Morrison, directed by Jonathan Miller. Presented by Northern Broadsides. 19 to 23 March 2013. Starring Barrie Rutter. Set in the North of England in 1912, is an unflinching portrayal of an industrial Edwardian family on the brink of collapse. John Rutherford is a tyrannical patriarch, blind to the hopes and feelings of his family. The success of the family-owned glassworks, Rutherford and Son, takes precedence over everything … even happiness. In a household run on fear, cracks begin to appear. The emotional pitch builds up like a pressure cooker. The dramatic voltage intensifies as Rutherford’s absolute authority is challenged and a catastrophic family mutiny begins to unfold, threatening to destroy his world and his factory.

Smack Family Robinson , by Richard Bean, directed by Richard Wilson. 28 March to 20 April 2013. The Robinsons have run a successful ­- if completely dodgy ­- family business since the 1960s. They have a comfortable house in the suburbs and expensive cars in the drive. But the younger generation isn’t like their dad. And the police are getting interested.

Twelfth Night and The Taming of the Shrew , by all male Propeller, directed by Edward Hall, in repertoire 23 to 27 April 2013. TWELFTH NIGHT: Tells a twisted tale of mistaken identity, transformation and deception. With a man playing a girl disguised as a boy, illusion and reality are almost indistinguishable on Propeller’s island of Illyria. TAMING OF THE SHREW: Two, disguised, competing suitors clamour for the hand of beautiful Bianca whilst gold digging Petruchio agrees to wed her viciously ill-tempered sister Kate sight-unseen. The difference between marrying for love and marrying for money, however, becomes increasingly difficult to judge.

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