The Royal Court Theatre confirm Autumn Season

The Royal Court Theatre confirm Autumn Season

The Royal Court Theatre has announced their Autumn 2004 Season

Public Booking opens 26 July 2004.

In the theatre Downstairs....

DUMB SHOW by Joe Penhall, opens 7 Sep 2004, following previews from 2 Sep, and booking to 9 Oct 2004. Starring Rupert Graves, Douglas Hodge, Anna Maxwell Martin. It is directed by Terry Johnson, designed by Es Devlin, lighting by Bruno Poet and sound by Ian Dickson. Barry's fifteen minutes of infamy are overdue, and when laughter's your living...that's no joke.

FORTY WINKS by Kevin Elyot, opens 3 Nov 2004, following previews from 28 Oct, and booking to 4 Dec 2004. It is directed by Katie MItchell, designed by Hildegard Bechtler, lighting by Paule Constable and sound by Gareth Fry. Don is outside - he can either knock on the door now or walk away with his memories of rejection. But why would Diana remember their tryst on the back row of the local fleapit anyway? Ffom childhood flirtations to adult deception some things come back to haunt us.

In the theatre Upstairs....

BONE by John Donnelly, opens 13 Sep 2004 , following previews from 9 Sep, and booking to 25 Sep 2004. It is directed by Femi Elufowoju, Jr, and designed by Ultz. Three people. Stephen's got what it takes, if only his ex could see it. Helen can't go on without her husband - so maybe she'll join him. Jamie wants a girl to see him off to war. Three lives in a world without soul.

THE WEATHER by Clare Pollard, opens 5 oct 2004 , following previews from 1 Oct , and booking to 30 Oct 2004. It is directed by Ramin Gray, and designed by Ultz. A girl is desperate to escape her cocktail-swiggering mother and ineffectual father. Outside there's chaos and the weather's in revolt - then there's the poltergeist.

BEAR HUG by Robin French, opens 27 Oct 2004 , following previews from 26 Oct, and booking to 30 Oct 2004 (Plays late evening 9.45pm). MIchael's Mum and Dad bring him home from the zoo - they promise he won't have to go back. He's a bear.

FRESH KILLS by Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder, opens 8 Nov 2004 , following previews from 5 Nov , and booking to 20 Nov 2004. It is directed by Wilson Milam, and designed by Ultz. Eddie's feling restless, while his wife is preoccupied with new kitchen cabinets. He discovers Arnold, a teenager, online. They meet, but Arnold wants more and his advances get a little to close.

A GIRL IN A CAR WITH A MAN by Rob Evans, opens 29 Nov 2004 , following previews from 26 Nov , and booking to 18 Dec 2004. It is directed by Joe Hill-Gibbins, and designed by Ultz. Stella's arrived at the TV studio for her daily slot. Alex is up for a big night out. David has opted for a quiet evening in. It's a night like any other - but it won't stop raining and the news is bad.

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