The Royal Court Theatre confirm Spring Season

The Royal Court Theatre confirm Spring Season

The Royal Court Theatre has announced their Spring 2005 Season

In the theatre Downstairs....

WILD EAST by April de Angelis, opens 1 Feb 2005, following previews from 27 Jan, and booking to 12 Mar 2005. Starring Tom Brooke, Sylvestra Le Touzel,Helen Schlesinger. It is directed by Phyllida Lloyd, designed by Mark Thomson. Frank's got the interview; it's his big break. He just has to convince two formidable women from the corporation and he'll have his chance to get back to Russia. But somehow, history is working against them all.

STONING MARY by Debbie Tucker Green , opens 5 Apr 2005, following previews from 1 Apr, and booking to 23 Apr 2005. Starring Claire-Louise Cordwell. It is directed by Marianne Elliott and designed by Ultz. One prescription isn't enough for two. A child soldier comes home. And Mary faces her last request.

In the theatre Upstairs....

TIM FOUNTAIN: SEX ADDICT written by and starring Tim Fountain , opens 10 Jan 2005 , following previews from 7 Jan, and booking to 29 Jan 2005. It is directed by Kath Mattock. Tim Fountain has now slept with 5048 men and two women, but has no intention of stopping there. In his search for the perfect partner, he's casting the net wider .

BREATHING CORPSES by Laura Wade, opens 28 Feb 2005 , following previews from 24 Feb , and booking to 19 Mar 2005. Amy's found another body in a hotel bedroom. There's a funny smell coming from one of Jim's storage units. And Kate's losing it after spending all day with the police. There's no going back after what they've seen.

MY NAME IS RACHEL CORRIE developed by Alan Rickman and Katharine Viner from the writings of Rachel Corrie and starring Megan Dodds, opens 14 Apr 2005 , following previews from 7 Apr, and booking to 30 Apr 2005. Why did a 23-year-old woman leave her comfortable American life to stand between a bulldozer and a Palestinian home? The short life and sudden death of Rachel Corrie, and the words she left behind.

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