The Rules of the Game by Andrew Taylor at Barons Court

1215 Productions presents The Rules of the Game a comedy by Andrew Taylor, at the Barons Court Theatre, a fringe venue in West Kensington, from 19 June to 8 July 2012.

Three geeky guys. Three gorgeous girls. Two different sets of dating rules.

Our three male uber-geeks are terrified of women and dream forlornly of one day getting further than a mumbled 'hello.' Until Daniel stumbles on a seemingly miraculous system for pulling hot girls, and becomes an overnight hit with the fairer sex.

Our three female beauties are unlucky in love and dream forlornly of settling down with a wedding ring and a lovely guy. Until Samantha bags herself a wealthy older man, and decides to teach her techniques to her two friends. When the guys, armed with their new pulling powers, meet the girls, desperate to ensnare a man of good stock, chaos ensues. Everyone has their own agenda, and the game is on!

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