The Shakespeare Conspiracy at Chelsea Theatre

ACS Random presents The Shakespeare Conspiracy , a comedy by Andrew Shepherd, at the Chelsea Theatre, in south west London, from 6 to 24 Nov 2012.

Shakespeare’s characters are real. The RSC is a branch of the government. Iago is trying to destroy the world and mankind’s last hope is a travel agent called Martin. For 400 years a secret war has been waged between heroes and villains created by William Shakespeare. The heroes seem to have the upper hand, as all the villains are held in a specially built maximum security prison called The Globe, behind a magical barrier fashioned by Shakespeare himself. However there are rumours of a traitor in the RSC, the government agency responsible for his characters. Meanwhile, a travel agent from Stratford is about to have a birthday to remember as he discovers he’s our only hope should the villains escape.

Cast includes Richard Armah, Jack Baldwin, Leonora Barton, Will Bryant, Francesca Cicic, Libby Evans, Holly Janowski, Nayomie Karen, Andrew London, Alethea Steven, Charlotte Mack, Holly McClay, Alexander Pankhurst, Andrew Shepherd, Danny Solomon, Lee White..

Directed by Jack Bowman, designed by Zahra Mansouri, lighting by Sherry Coenen, sound by Tshari King.

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