The Social Climber Upstairs at the Gatehouse

The Social Climber at Upstairs at the Gatehouse a north London theatre from 04 Oct 2011 - 29 Oct 2011.

Written Molière, translated and adapted by Paddy Gormley.

Directed by Kenneth Michaels, produced by Logos Theatre Company, lighting by Edmund Sutton, costume by Michael Baldwin

Cast Includes ,Matthew Carter, Gabrielle Douglas, Rosemary Francis, Phil Gerrard, Rhys Lawton, Nadia Ostacchini, Lindsey Readman, Roger Sansom, Peter Saracen, Maggie Turner

Having made his money in the rag trade, Monsieur Jourdain prepares for High Society by studying music, dancing, fencing and philosophy. He insists that his daughter, Lucile, will marry royalty. And so she does... Sort of.

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