The Space announces Summer/Autumn season

The Space, a fringe venue near Mudchute in east London which can seat up to 145 people, has now announced its upcoming Summer/Autumn season 2014. The season includes the following productions:

From 01 Jul to 05 Jul 2014

Christopher and His Kind, presented by Jackinabox Productions. An ensemble cast bring to life the people who shaped Christopher Isherwood during his formative years, including Wysten Auden, Jean Ross and the infamous Gerald Hamilton, and take the audience on a journey into the crumbling decadence of Weimar Berlin.

From 15 Jul to 19 Jul 2014

An Innocent Man / Whodunnit, a double bill of new writing evoking the spirit of 1950s radio plays, presented by Stack10 Theatre.
An Innocent Man: When a secret agent is killed in London, businessman Richard McDonagh finds himself accused and hunted by Scotland Yard. Desperate to clear his name, Richard McDonagh runs to the last place in the world anyone would think of looking … Scotland!
Whodunnit: When Dr Black unexpectedly dies in Baskerville Hall, his guests Miss Scarlett and Colonel Mustard must call on super sleuths Sherlock Holmes, Hercules Parrot, Sam Shovel and the world’s foremost blind detective to solve the crime and save the day … if they can overcome cocaine addiction and internal monologue syndrome. Four detectives… no clue!

From 29 Jul to 02 Aug 2014

Timon of Athens, by William Shakespeare and presented by Lock & Key Theatre. A tale of greed and creditors gone bad – Timon of Athens resonates with a world flooded with newspaper headlines and stories about credit, false expenses claims and the constant lending and borrowing of cold, hard cash.

From 19 Aug to 23 Aug 2014

Buttons, by Joni-Rae Carrack and Dana Segal and presented by Sort of Theatre. Joni is a puppeteer. Dana is not. Dana is a Jew. Joni is not. Buttons is a show about their journey to Auschwitz and the stories they discovered on the way. Using a mixture of live performance, spoken word, shadow puppetry and object manipulation Joni and Dana attempt to recount the story of their ‘sort of’ holiday, whilst exploring the themes of memory, family and war. With the centenary of World War One this year, and the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz in 2015, the production is responsive and timely to these significant historical events.

From 26 Aug to 13 Sep 2014

Anna Weiss, by Mike Cullen and presented by KiteHigh Theatre. Written in the 90′s when court cases on False Memory Syndrome were rife, this play is as relevant now as it was then. How much power can an individual hold over another’s mind, and how can we ever be certain of the truth?

From 16 Sep to 20 Sep 2014

The Greene Card: The Unbelievable, Yet Completely True, Story of a Brown Boy in a White World, presented by Brown Sugah LLP. Sevan K. Greene must escape the ravages of the Gulf War for a chance at the American dream. Armed with a box of bootleg cassettes and his obsession with all things West, this brown boy stumbles on his journey to become his true self: a white American. He’s already got a New Kids on the Block T-shirt – how hard can it be? From the raucous Gospel parlors of African- American Florida to the uptight racist salons of white New York City, Sevan learns that it takes more than an encyclopedic knowledge of The Little Mermaid to be part of their world. Drawn from the experience of his own harrowing reality, The Greene Card asks why it’s easier to survive warfare than to live as an immigrant.

From 23 Sep to 04 Oct 2014

Belfry, by Billy Roche, directed by Lisa Smith and presented by StageSpell Theatre Company. The third and most soulful part of Billy Roche’s critically acclaimed Wexford Trilogy, Belfry is a tale of memory and consequences of first – and forbidden – love on a man who has not really lived until a married woman shows him how. Narrated and acted out as if a confession of his sins, it tells the story of a lacklustre middle-aged sacristan, Artie, whose recollections on one evening evoke a fleeting adulterous affair that lasts only a short while but leaves an impact for a lifetime.

From 07 Oct to 25 Oct 2014

Tartuffe, by Molière and presented by Amo Theatre. Join us for a hot, raucous evening in Orgon’s Speakeasy, a jiving den of salacious activity hidden inside a church. Tartuffe’s faux religious piety is making Orgon’s family sweat as he manipulates them for his lusty purpose, spinning the situation out of control.

From 28 Oct to 01 Nov 2014

Frankenstein: The Metal Opera, by Richard Campbell & Carol Pestridge, directed by Alan Mandal and presented by The Lansbury Players and Orpheus Studio Productions. This Hallowe’en, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is brought to life by the electrifying impact of live rock music. Witness a faithful re-telling of the classic gothic novel, during a night at the opera like no other. Richard Campbell’s intense and dramatic score recounts the story of a man whose diabolical ambition leads him to a life of torment and guilt, and a creature made monster by abandonment and prejudice. A musical portrayal of the original sci-fi horror.

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