The Supper Party by Alison Evans at the Tabard Theatre

The Supper Party, by Alison Evans, at the Tabard Theatre, a fringe venue in Chiswick, west London, from 30 Oct to 17 Nov 2012.

Directed by James Beedham & Eleanor Teasdale, designed by Elizabeth Leech.

Cast includes Emma Vansittart, Gately Freeman, Tessa Wood, Liis Mikk, Maxine Howard, Frederick Szkoda, Rufus Graham, Seamus Newham, Chris Walters

When two young hopefuls attend a party given by playwright Hector Grey and his wife, Lady Cynthia, they soon discover that this group of self-seeking celebrities have little interest in helping them climb the ladder – being far too busy attempting to promote themselves and outdo one another. But when an uninvited guest turns up the party rapidly descends from harmless charades into a full-blown horror show.

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