The Upstairs Room by D.K. O'Hara at King's Head Theatre

Giddy Notion Productions presents The Upstairs Room, by D.K. O’Hara, directed by James Savin, at the King's Head Theatre, a fringe venue in Angel, north London, from 13 Nov to 8 Dec 2012.

An apocalyptic love story. London is sinking, there’s constant rain and everyone is trying to escape. Gordon, an American writer, finds himself holed up in the attic room of a half-way house, awaiting forged papers and safe passage back to the states. He becomes trapped with Stella, a mysterious and seductive woman and a teenage girl called Iris who between them, take Gordon on an emotional journey through his past and into the present, forcing him to face the painful truth as to why he is there.

Cast includes Anthony Cozens, Liza Callinicos, Lucy Wray, Bret Jones.

Designed by Holly Seager, lighting by Dan Saggers, costumes by Ann Tutt, sound by Max Pappenheim.

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