The Winterling at Bridewell Theatre

The Tower Theatre Company presents The Winterling from 19 Nov to 23 Nov 2013 at the Bridewell Theatre, a 134-seater fringe venue in the City of London. The play is written by Jez Butterworth and directed Roger Beaumont.

Set in a derelict Dartmoor farmhouse inhabited by West, a gangland fugitive and a group of 'colourful' characters. Among the characters we meet Dolly, West's dog, a female waif called Lue and a tramp called Draycott. When West's old partner, Wally, turns up accompanied by his stepson, Patsy, a power play ensues. West, the Lord of this dishevelled manor, is on his own territory and seems disturbed by the death of an ex-colleague.

The play is considered suitable for 16+ years only, due to the explicit nature of the material.

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