The Wolf at Network Theatre, Underneath Waterloo station

Sturdy Beggars Company presents The Wolf, by Ferenc Molnar, at the Network Theatre, Underneath Waterloo station, in central London, from 10 Aug to 3 Sep 2011.

Directed by Jamie Harper, designed by Charlotte Randell, lighting by Daniel Addis, sound by Marianna Roe. Cast includes Daniel Addis, Alex Andreou, Helen Booth, Katherine French, Brendan Jones, Josie Martin, Lucy McCabe, Andrew Mudie.

Eugene Kelemen is not witty. He is not charming. He is not handsome. He does not know how to offer Vilma, his beloved wife, the wild ecstatic declarations of love that would get her heart racing. But he knows how to make money. If this business deal works, he will give her a million ­ that will be his declaration of love. Only time is running out, because someone is coming... A shapeless figure from her past that has promised to take her away.

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