Theatre 503 announces three plays for early 2012.

Theatre 503, a fringe venue in south London, announces three plays for early 2012. The plays include:

03 Jan 2012 - 07 Jan 2012
This Year It Will Be Different , curated by Kezia Cole, Claire Turner and Lisa Cagnacci, playwrights are Tim Arthur, Brad Birch, Jonathan Brittain, Gemma Langford, Mufaro Makubika and Janice Okoh and is produced by Theatre 503. This Year will be Different, explores just what our annual New Year rituals reveal - and what lies behind all those smiling Facebook pictures. This is new writing with a difference and inspiration will be drawn from texts, tweets and photos from members of the public.

10 Jan 2012 - 03 Feb 2012
Man In The Middle , written by Ron Elisha, directed by Lucy Skilbeck, produced by Theatre503 and Cheepuk and starring Darren Weller (Julian Assange). Looking at the many faces and fallouts of 'the most dangerous man in the world', Man in the Middle is a Wikiplay that has been sourced from the public domain, and then refracted, redacted and reimagined by the Playwright.

07 Feb 2012 - 03 Mar 2012
Mathematics Of The Heart , written by Kefi Chadwick, directed by Donnacha O’Briain and produced by Natural Shocks and Theatre 503. Mathematics of the Heart centres on Dr Paul MacMillan, a professor of Chaos Theory who specialises in storm patterns. A month after the death of his father, Paul’s life has ground to a halt. With his itinerant ne’er do well brother, Chancer, in his spare room, his girlfriend Emma pushing for a future and the arrival of a beautiful new PhD student, Zainab, prediction is proving increasingly difficulty. Then the discovery of his father’s final and surprise possession catapults Paul’s world into real chaos.

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