Theatre Delicatessen presents Mercury Fur 10 Feb

Theatre Delicatessen, who presents works in alternative theatre spaces, will produce Mercury Fur, by Philip Ridley, at a derelict four-storey building at 3 Picton Place, nestled behind Selfridges and a stone’s throw from St Christopher’s Place, from 10 Feb to 13 Mar 2010

Starring Matt Granados, Chris Urch, Isaac Jonnes, Ben Wigzell, Debra Baker,Tom Vickers, Mikey Bharj

Directed by Frances Loy, design & lighting by William Reynolds

Set in the savage wastelands of London, the East End has become a battleground and staying alive has become a day-to-day struggle. There, a gang have discovered the only way to survive is to deep-freeze their emotions and cater to the darkest fantasies of the rich.

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