Theatre503 - Spring 2015 Season Announced

Theatre503, a 60-seat pub fringe venue in Battersea, south London, have announced their season for spring 2015 which includes a celebration of new writing from writers from across the globe, covering issues as broad as fertility, online identity, slavery and gun crime. Productions include:

20 January to 24 January 2015
PSYCHEdelight’s The Empty Frame is based on French writer Sophie Besse's experiences in a fertility clinic. The company aims to "highlight the complexity of personal journeys using theatre, music and visual poetry".

27 January to 21 February 2015
Seperation directed by Simon Evans. Set in the build up to Ireland's historic divorce referendum of 1995, this new play takes the audience on a journey to the dark heart of a disintegrating Dublin family.

24 February to 7 March 2015
Matilda Ibini's new play Muscovado is set in nineteenth-century Barbados amongst the slave trade. Mixing sexual intrigue, racial tension and choral music this production provides a window into life on a sugar plantation in 1808 accompanied by an original music score.

10 March to 4 April 2015
Billed as a mix of music and movement WINK takes a look at two lives veering close to collision and asks what separates the man from the boy in this age of technology and online profiles.

7 April to 2 May 2015
Directed by Theatre503's artistic director, Emma Adam's play Animals is a modern satire set in a world where those over 60 are thrown on the scrapheap and children are 'hothoused' for being a burden on society.

9 June to 4 July 2015
Silva Semerciyan's play I and the Village is described as a "coming of ages story" that asks questions about conformity, dissent and America's devotion to guns. This world premiere will be directed by Robert Shaw Cameron.

12 May to 6 June 2015
Sense of an Ending by Ken Urban aims to shine a light on journalistic truth and morality amid the Rwandan genocide. Directed by Jonathan O'Boyle, the production is timed to coincide with the 21 anniversary of the genocide.

Tickets are now available for all productions.

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