They Came To A City - Southwark Playhouse

The New Actors Company presents They Came To A City, by J B Priestley, in the Vault at Southwark Playhouse, in south London, from 3 to 28 May 2011.

Directed by Robert Laycock, designed by Mike Lees, starring Charlotte Donachie, Jessica Francis, Sarah Moss, Jean Perkins, James Robinson, Tom Miller, Daniel Souter, Thomas Shirley, Amanda Osborne .

Nine characters, all from different social backgrounds are taken out of their lives and placed outside the walls of a strange city. Still unsure whether they are dead or simply dreaming, the great doors to the city open and these very different people enter into a civilisation free from disparity and injustice. We learn very quickly however, that utopian equality is not everybody’s idea of a perfect world.

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