Three short comedies by George Bernard Shaw

Wilmington Theatre Company presents How He Lied to Her Husband, Overruled and Village Wooing, three short comedies by George Bernard Shaw, at the Old Red Lion Theatre, a fringe venue in Angel, north London, from 3 to 19 Jan 2013.

Directed by Polina Kalinina , cast includes Eoin Bentick, Lucy Hough, Alice St Clair, Leo Wyndham.

In How He Lied to Her Husband, a wife has lost the poems written for her by her young admirer. Unfortunately they have fallen into her husband’s hands- but his response is somewhat unexpected. In Overruled, two adulterous couples are caught in the act whilst on vacation, and forced to choose between their heads and their hearts; whilst in Village Wooing, the life of the man who writes the ‘Marco Polo Series of Chatty Guidebooks’ is changed forever after a chance encounter on a cruise ship.

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