Tickets now on sale for Rod Stewart musical "Tonight's The Night"

Tickets now on sale for Rod Stewart musical "Tonight's The Night"

Tickets are now on sale for the Rod Stewart musical Tonight's The Night, which opens at the Victoria Palace theatre on 6 Nov 03, following previews from 15 Oct 03, and booking to 7 Feb 04

This Musical has songs by Rod Stewart and book by Ben Elton. It is directed by Ben Elton, with designs by Lez Brotherston, lighting by Mark Hendersen,and choreography by Stephen Mear.

The cast includes: Tim Howar, Dianne Pilkington, Hannah Waddingham, Mike McKell

From the sexy mean streets of Detroit to the glamorous clubs and the Rockstar mansions of LA and Beverly Hills, Tonight's The Night tracks the story of Stu Roderick, a quiet, shy guy, so hung up and tongue tied that he can not even find the courage to declare his love to Mary, the sweet, wholesome girl of his dreams.

How different Stu is to his hero, that legendary rock'n'roll vagabond Rod Stewart - now there’s a guy who never had any trouble hitting on a girl.

One night, alone and desperate, Stu reflects that if he could only be more like Rod then Mary would surely be his and for that, Stu would sell his very soul. In less time than it takes to say hot legs Mephistopheles, agent of Satan, turns up ready to make a deal. If Stu commits his soul to reside in Hell for all eternity, the Devil will give Stu the soul of Rod Stewart and then it will be Bye Bye Mr. Dull Guy and hello ladies!

Stu is about to learn the hard way that you can’t find true love using another man’s moves and that Devil or no Devil there’s only one Rod Stewart.

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