Tiger At the Gates by Jean Giraudoux

KDC Theatre presents Tiger at the Gates by Jean Giraudoux, translated by Christopher Fry, directed by Nick Mouton at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre, a 70-seat fringe pub venue in Kentish Town, north London, 19 Nov to 23 Nov 2013.

Set within Troy, a city doomed to betrayal and destruction. The story is of Hector, a military man who knows the horror and degradation of war, struggling to preserve peace in the face of jingoistic sentiment and mob hysteria. Along with his worldly-wise mother Hecuba, Hector leads the anti-war argument and tries to persuade his brother Paris to return Helen to Greece. Hector sees Helen as the definition of war and destruction, but for the other Trojan men, through her beauty, believe that she represents an opportunity for glory, and they are eager to have others fight a war in her name.

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