Time and the Conways by JB Priestly

Tower Theatre Company will present JB Priestly's Time and the Conways, directed by Jessica Hammett, at Upstairs at The Gatehouse in Highgate, north London, from 7 to 11 July 2015.

The production features set design by Jude Chalk, costumes by Lynda Twidale, Robyn Buss and Robyn Constable, lighting by Robin Snowdon and sound by Ruth Sullivan.

Synopsis: "It’s autumn 1919 and the Conway family has it all. The war is over and the children look set for a bright future. In the first act we see the Conways enjoying a happy family party for daughter Kay’s 21st birthday, complete with their usual round of charades, all dreaming of prosperity, fame and fulfilled ideals. But, in a twist of time and with a glimpse of the Conways on Kay's birthday 19 years later, we witness their disillusionment. They seem torn apart by conflict and resentments and we see that the future is far from the one they imagined as the fate of each sibling is revealed."

Time and the Conways was written in 1937 and was part of JB Priestley’s series of 'Time Plays'.

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