Time For Heroes by Kevin Lee at Baron's Court Theatre

Highwire Theatre Company present a new war-time inspired play, Time For Heroes, by Kevin Lee, at the Baron's Court Theatre in west London from 17 to 28 February 2015.

The production will be directed by Menelaos Karantzas, with set design by Nick Gott. Cast includes Jenny Coyle, Neil Hobbs, Duncan Mason and Lesley Molony.

Synopsis: "The play takes place at a local community centre in Preston, Lancashire, where the family of Lance Corporal Jack Fowler, who died while serving in Afghanistan, are unveiling a plaque in his honour. When childhood friend Billy shows up out of the blue, there are questions which need to be answered as to his whereabouts over the last two years. As more is revealed into Billy’s sudden reappearance, a heated argument unfolds in trying to find the truth behind Afghanistan, and what it means to lose somebody at war."

Commenting on Time For Heroes, playwright Kevin Lee said: “I wanted to write something that looks at the legacy left behind from the war in Afghanistan, which coincides with the last of the British troops withdrawing this year. I hope this play raises questions and opens debate, but ultimately gives a reflection on the families trying to come to terms with losing a loved one in the conflict.”

Lee's previous plays have included 'girl-friend', also at Barons Court Theatre, and 'Cyrano of Brixton', at The Brockley Jack Theatre.

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