Tiny Kushner 5 one-act plays at Tricycle from 1 Sep

The Guthrie Theater/Berkeley Repertory Theatre production of Tiny Kushner, a collection of five one-act plays by Tony Kushner, at Tricycle, in Kilburn, north London, from 1 to 25 Sep 2010.

It is directed by Berkeley Repertory Theatre’s Artistic Director Tony Taccone. Designed by Annie Smart, lighting by Alexander V. Nichols, sound by Victor Zupanc

FLIP FLOP FLY!: A bizarre lunar encounter between two dead women, Lucia Pamela – the fabulous American concert pianist, singer, songwriter, recording star, bandleader and radio personality, who claimed to have made a record album on the moon in1969 – and Geraldine, the deposed queen of Albania. With one nattering on about her life in entertainment and the other about her life in exile, the two compare the courses of their lives.

TERMINATING OR SONNET LXXV OR 'LASS MEINE SCHMERZEN NICHT VERLOREN SEIN' OR AMBIVALENCE: Sitting in an office are Esther, an analyst, and her former patient, Hendryk, along with their lovers, Dymphna and Billygoat , respectively, as Hendryk, pleads with Esther to take him back as a patient.

EAST COAST ODE TO HOWARD JARVIS: A LITTLE TELEPLAY IN TINY MONOLOGUES: An outrageous 1990s scheme actually used to avoid paying taxes. As a housing detective discovers its success, news of the fraud spreads rapidly, prompting the government to investigate.

DR. ARNOLD A. HUTSCHNECKER IN PARADISE: Metatron, a Recording Angel with a million eyes, is holding a supervisory session with Dr. Hutschneker in an upscale office in heaven. The two discuss how Hutschneker’s pains and his denial of mortality could quite possibly be related to his sessions with his own patient, Richard Milhous Nixon, with whom he frequently meets in the afterlife.

ONLY WE WHO GUARD THE MYSTERY SHALL BE UNHAPPY: Now-former First Lady Laura Bush reads from The Brothers Karamazov to the pyjama-clad ghosts of dead Iraqi children, all of whom are watched over by an angel.

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