Titus Andronicus by Hiraeth Artistic at Etcetera Theatre

Hiraeth Artistic Productions presents Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare, at the Etcetera Theatre, a fringe venue in Camden, north London, from 8 to 27 May 2012.

It is directed by Zoe Ford, designed by Nadia Malik, and features David Vaughan-knight (Titus Andronicus), Rosalind Blessed , Garry Mannion , Adam Henderson Scott , Maya Thomas , Robert Durbin , Alexander Neal , Benjamin Ireland , David Bevan , Paul Kendrick , Stanley J. Browne.

Adaptation transported into the underbelly of 1980’s London. Set deep inside British extremist, skinhead culture, Roman warriors are unapologetically replaced with National Front political soldiers and their armour switched for military style shaved heads, combat boots, drugs and knives.

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