The top West End musical theatre songs to dance to

Discover our favourite tracks from West End musicals that you can dance along to, from classic musicals to newer productions.

Sophie Thomas
Sophie Thomas

Most West End musicals are packed with stellar dance numbers, choreographed by world-class dancers to help transport audiences into a new world. Each musical dance carries its own style, from Bob Fosse-led musicals like Chicago and Cabaret, to balletic inspiration as seen in An American in Paris.

Take a look at some of our favourite West End musical theatre songs that you can often find us dancing to at any moment. We even like to give the show choreography a go too.

Dance to these musical theatre hits

Not all musicals are packed with complicated choreography. Sometimes, it's just a few simple movements that can convey a powerful message.

"Haus of Holbein" from Six the Musical

See the queens' boots sparkle under the stage lights in Six, the five-time Olivier Award-nominated musical continuing its reign at the Lyric Theatre. The 70 minute musical is packed with catchy songs like "Ex Wives" and "No Way", but it's the techno-tastic "Haus of Holbein" that gets our body moving.

In this group number, the queens bring the German painting style to life, even mimicking the European accent in a total breakaway from the musical thus far. With neon flashes, raving air horns and 21st century moves (catch a Fortnite floss anyone?), the queens really can do what they want.

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"Step In Time" from Mary Poppins

Consider yourself brave enough to dance on top of your house? That's what Mary, Bert and the Banks children do in "Step in Time", a high-energy dance number complete with dancing chimneysweeps.

These chimneysweeps can do anything you think: kick your knees, flap like a birdie and going over the rooftops in slow motion.

What makes "Step in Time" stand out though is Bert's ability to tap dance. Yep, the cheeky jack-of-all-trades really can do it all, even cheating gravity to dance upside down.

Matthew Bourne and Stephen Mear's Olivier Award-winning choreography in Mary Poppins needs to be seen in order to believed.

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"Dancing Through Life" from Wicked

Even if Wicked isn't considered to be one of the dance-heavy West End musicals, we can't help but move when listening through to "Dancing Through Life". In the longest musical number in Wicked, Boq and Nessarose grow closer together while Elphaba is gifted a black “witch hat” by Glinda. But, where can characters be happiest? The Ozian ballroom, of course. Where anyone can leave their worries at the door just by dancing.

With couples dancing together, this spritely number injects an optimistic energy into the musical that everything will turn out positive... it's just life, so keep dancing through.

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"Dancing Queen" from Mamma Mia!

An unwritten musical rule is that whenever "Dancing Queen" comes on, you have to boogie as though you're on stage in Mamma Mia!

The ABBA track has got audiences feeling "young and sweet, only seventeen" for over two decades, as Donna and the Dynamos reunite to perform a long-lost classic.

So, if you’re wanting the time of your life in the West End, then the sunny Greek islands in Mamma Mia! are definitely the place to go.

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“Anything Goes” from Anything Goes

Cole Porter’s Golden Age musical blends authentic sounds from the 1930s with tap, ballet and jazz into a smooth musical. Nightclub singer Reno Sweeney travels on board the SS American from New York to London, entertaining the passengers with her musical performances. However, the stage is lit up when the entire cast come together to perform “Anything Goes”, a rousing tap number where dance definitely takes centre stage.

“Turn It Off” from The Book of Mormon

Elder McKinley leads the missionaries in Uganda in this show-stopping musical number, where everything should be as easy to control as flicking a light switch on and off. You’d be forgiven for assuming that this isn’t a dance number at first. But when the lights come on for the final time and the Mormons are tapping across the stage while wearing sparkling pink waistcoats, “Turn It Off” is pure West End showbiz.

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