Tower Theatre Company presents After The Dance

The Tower Theatre Company presents Terence Rattigan's After The Dance, directed by Dan Usztan, Upstairs at the Gatehouse, near Highgate in north London, from 08 Jul to 12 Jul 2014.

Synopsis: 'Meet David and Joan Scott-Fowler, a decadent pair of Bright Young Things now adrift in the murkier waters of the 1930s. Still hosting glittering parties, gossiping about their friends and listening to all the old songs, the couple live life as they did a decade earlier - with hedonistic abandon. However, the arrival of a determined young woman in their lives forces David to make a life-changing decision with fatal consequences. With the generation above them decimated by World War One and a pragmatic, more austere generation chasing on their heels, what happens when a seemingly endless party finally comes to a close?'

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