Tower Theatre presents Accolade at the Bridewell

The Tower Theatre amateur dramatic company will present Accolade by Emlyn Williams at the Bridewell Theatre in central London from 5 to 9 April 2016.

Williams' play was first seen in 1950 and is a semi-autobiographical account about a public figure who falls from grace and asks who is the most immoral? He for breaking the rules or the press and public for ensuring that his transgression wrecks not just his own life, but those of everyone around him?

"Novelist Will Trenting has all the trappings of success: loving family, Nobel prize for literature, house in Regent's Park - and a secret that risks destroying everything. Public and private worlds collide when, at the very moment Trenting’s knighthood is announced, stories begin to surface about his double life, attracting the glare of the press and risking exposure. A story of seedy sex and public propriety, back-street brothels and celebrity scandal, this gripping thriller is as relevant now as when it first shocked audiences in 1950."

The production will be directed by Dom Ward and is produced by Tower Theatre Company who aim to provide high quality, broadly based, affordable drama to people of all ages and backgrounds. The amateur company currently has more than 700 members and presents up to 18 productions a year.

Tickets for the production are now on sale.

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