Triple Espress at Arts from 14 Jan 03

Triple Espress at Arts from 14 Jan 03

The long-running American ensemble comedy Triple Espresso will open at the Arts Theatre 21 Jan 03, following previews from 14 Jan 03.

Triple Espresso originated in Minneapolis in 1996. A second production opened in San Diego in 1997, and is now well into its 5th year. In addition, Triple Espresso has played in cities across the USA including Chicago, Seattle, Providence, Sarasota and Springfield, MA. In July and August of 2001, Triple Espresso set an all time box office record at the 21-year old Capital Repertory Theatre in Albany, NY.

What Did 3 Guys Do in 4 Minutes That Got Them Barred From Show Biz & For Life?

Why Would They Do It Again 25 Years Later?

Triple Espresso features original songs, parody send-ups, and vaudeville-style ensemble comedy. This three-man play celebrates the 25-year anniversary of the trio's ill-fated Big Break and showcases the talents of gifted performers in the roles of Hugh Butternut, a dynamic musician; Buzz Maxwell, a weary magician; and Bobby Bean, a hapless comic.

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