Trout Stanley by Claudia Dey at Southwark Playhouse

Trout Stanley by Claudia Dey, at Southwark Playhouse's 'The Little Space', in south London, from 20 Nov to 7 Dec 2013.

Directed by Matt Steinberg, cast includes Sinead Matthews, Vinette Robinson, Dylan Smith.

It is designed by Shizuka Hariu, lighting by Rob Pell-Walpole, sound by Nick Manning, and produced by Matt Steinberg and Rosalind Wynn .

Set in Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia, Grace and Sugar Ducharme are infamous twins marked by tragic events from their past: their triplet died in the birth canal, and on their twentieth birthday their mother was killed while their father was split in half by lightening. As if this wasn’t bad enough, each year on their birthday Grace finds a dead body. But this birthday will be different - it’s lucky thirty! Unfortunately for the sisters, a serial killer with a fancy for strippers is on the loose… In the midst of their birthday celebration, a nomadic cop killer, Trout Stanley, wanders into their house. Just like the Ducharme sisters, Trout has major 'sibling issues' - his unborn twin brother is trapped inside his body.

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