Twelfth Night, at the Middle Temple Hall by Globe theatre from 25th Jan 02 to 10th Feb 02.

Twelfth Night, at the Middle Temple Hall by Globe theatre from 25th Jan 02 to 10th Feb 02.

To mark the celebration of the Quatercentury of the first recorded performance of William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, there will be a short run of the play at The Middle Temple Hall in the city of London from 25th Jan 02 to 10th Feb 02, performed by Mark Rylance and The New Globe Theatre Company.

Apparently, on 2nd Feb 1602, "Twelfth Night" was performed in Middle Temple Hall by the Lord Chamberlain's Men, who crossed the river from the original Globe Playhouse to present their play. It is believed that the play was commissioned for performance in this place and so was a true Shakespearean first night!

The Middle Temple Hall, is one of the finest examples of an Elizabethan Hall in Britain. Despite sustaining damage during World War II, the look of the original hall - begun in 1562 and finished in 1573 - is largely unaltered to the present day.

Shakespeare's Globe will call upon the skills of its artistic teams to create a production as close as possible to that staged in 1602. Music for the production will be composed by Claire van Kampen, and played on instruments of the period. Jenny Tiramani, will be the Master of Design for the production and work closely with Globe Research to study and re-create the kind of clothing that would have been worn by actors during the first years of the 17th century.

Seating in Middle Temple Hall will be configured, and the Hall lit in order to replicate, as far as possible, the playing conditions experienced by Shakespeare's actors on that day in 1602.

Public booking does not open for this event until 19th Nov 01. However, booking is now open by post for "Friends of The Globe".

Ticket prices range from 15 ukp (Standing) to 55 ukp. (Note: The Middle Temple Hall only seats about 300, so tickets are going to sell out very fast!!)

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