Two Gentlemen of Verona and Two Noble Kinsmen in rep

Perfect Shadow Mingled Yarn presents Bookends: The Two Gentlemen of Verona & The Two Noble Kinsmen , by William Shakespeare & by William Shakespeare & John Fletcher, in repertoire at the Jack Studio Theatre, a fringe venue in Brockley, south London, from 21 Aug to 8 Sep 2012.

Two plays that bookend Shakespeare's career as a playwright. Two Gents. Two Kinsmen. One cast. Together, two fairytales unfold, two different and difficult examinations of love: one light, one dark, one young, one old, one comic, one tragic. Performing these plays in rep, Perfect Shadow Mingled Yarn will explore how much love changes across Shakespeare's career, and how much it stays the same.

Directed by Rafaella Marcus and Matthew Monaghan, designed by Sophia Ahmed, lighting Drew Turner. Cast includes Matthew Cosgrove, Thomas Durant Pritchard, Laura Elsworthy, Elliot Fitzpatrick, Lucy Fyffe, Amelia Kirk, Henryk Roberts, Fraser Wall.

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