Universally Speaking at the Bread and Roses Theatre

Robert Holtom and Simon Jay will present a new collection of monologues entitled Universally Speaking at the Bread and Roses Theatre in Clapham, south London from 13 to 17 October 2015.

"Welcome onboard the year 2015. It's dark, disturbing but often very funny. Please sit back and try to relax as five new playwrights guide you through the trials and turbulences of the 21st century. There are no emergency exits."

The evening will present five plays originally selected by IdeasTap for their festival but never performed due to their closure. They are written by Robert Holtom, Marietta Kirkbride, Atar Hadari, Don Grimme and Conor Carroll, with each play directed by Simon Jay.

The cast for the production will include Samantha Shaw, Archie Backhouse, Joanna Rose Barton, Ken McCloone, Pallas Jean Newark and Thomas Simper.

Tickets for the production are now on sale.

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