Volpone at the Cockpit Theatre

"Is money the root of all evil? To Volpone and his faithful servant Mosca it is simply what makes the world go round. And they will do anything to acquire it. With tricks, deception and disguise the pair manipulate a gullible roster of greedy scavengers who have come to prey on the wealthy Volpone's inheritance. Little do they know that, rather than Volpone being old, sick and about to snuff it (as they have been led to believe), he and Mosca are in fact twisting their strings and playing out a grand ruse for their own gain and amusement."

The production is directed by Jaclyn Bradley and features flight/movement direction by Stephen Bradley. Cast includes Martin Sales (Volpone), David Gurney (Mosca), Tom Crowhurst (Volture), Jonathon Curry (Corbaccio), Joshua Jewkes (Corvino), Marie Issermann (Nano), Leah Lawry-Johns (Celia), Matthew Harrison-James (Bonario), Hollie Hales (Lady - Would-Be) and Rob Fellman (Peregrine).

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