Volpone/Duchess of Malfi in rep at Greenwich 18 March

Volpone / The Duchess of Malfi, by Ben Jonson and by John Webster, will play in repertoire at the Greenwich Theatre in south London, from 18 March to 10 April 2010

They are directed by Elizabeth Freestone, designed by Neil Irish, lighting by Wayne Dowdeswell and sound by Adrienne Quartly.

The cast includes Harvey Virdi, Conrad Westmaas, Tim Treloar, James Wallace, Peter Bankole, Edmund Kingsley, Aislin McGuckin, Brigid Zengeni, Mark Hadfield, Richard Bremmer, Tim Steed and Maxwell Hutcheon.

VOLPONE: Volpone craves money. He yearns for power. He longs for flesh. Can his voracious appetite ever be satisfied?

THE DUCHESS OF MALFI: Amongst the flattery and paranoia of the Italian court, the Duchess finds herself newly widowed. Banned from remarriage by her powerful brothers, who are determined to keep their hands of their sister and her inheritance, she has a choice to make. When the Duchess defies their will and marries her steward Antonio she begins a life hiding her love - and their children. With a spy in their midst it is only a matter of time before the lovers are discovered and violence spills out.

Both plays will also be recorded on DVD and released in May 2010

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