Warehouse of Dreams at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre

Random Thoughts Limited Presents Warehouse of Dreams by Chuck Anderson at the Lion & Unicorn Theatre in Kentish Town, north London, from 11 November to 6 December 2014, with an official opening on 13 November 2014.

Directed by Dan Phillips, this is a new play to raise funds for children affected by war, inspired by today's shocking headlines about the tragedies unfolding in the Middle East. The story explores the difficult moral decisions that aid workers who manage refugee camps have to make.

Every ticket sold includes a £2 donation to support the humanitarian work of War Child. This small, dynamic charity, also based in Kentish Town, provides first of all protection, and then vital care and counselling to children traumatised by war. It helps them reclaim their lost childhood and gives them the educational opportunities they need to exercise their right to a sustainable future.

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