Wayne and Strawberries in January at Etcetera Theatre

Two further shows announced at the Etcetera Theatre, a fringe venue in Camden, north London.

25 to 30 Jan 2011
a comedy by Freddy Syborn. Wayne Rooney has lost his mojo. Things don't make sense. He doesn't know who or what he is. He just lies awake at night, listening to his hairdryer, wondering why everyone's started dressing like characters from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Things are getting stranger and stranger, but a group of ghost writers are here to help him understand what he signifies.

26 to 30 Jan 2011 (Late Evening)
Strawberries In January
by Evelyne de la Cheneliere, translated by Rona Muroe. Produced by Mixed(up) productions. Four romantically challenged singletons stumble through contemporary Montreal in search for love. (Mixed(up) productions is a brand new two woman company that likes to mix things up, using film footage and sound with live performance, to tell simple stories with a twist.)

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