"We Will Rock You" to extend to April 2007

"We Will Rock You" to extend to April 2007

Queen musical We Will Rock You , which was to close 7 Oct 2006, will now be extended to April 2007 at the Dominion Theatre. Therefore, the planned UK tour is postponed.

(The Lord of the Rings musical was rumoured to go in the Dominion Theatre, but with this anouncement, Lord of the Rings will either go into another theatre or be postponed/cancelled! We have no information on either at this moment.)

Explaining the show's halted exit from the West End, producer Phil McIntyre says: "The fact is, the show has proved such a continuing draw with both the home market and visitors to London, that it became obvious that a move this year would be premature. Besides which, the theatre owners very much wanted us to stay. In the end, they, and the public, made the decision for us".

The show opened at the Dominion theatre 14 May 2002, following previews from 26 April 2002.

There will be a special celebration at the performance of 11 May 2006 to celebrate 4 years since opening. Expect to see show creators Brian May, Roger Taylor and Ben Elton in attendance to share the show's continued success with the company and cast. "And if the annual drum beating of the past three years is anything to go by, it will come as no surprise to see the creators take an active involvement in the performance that night!"

We Will Rock You , which has songs by Queen and book by Ben Elton, is directed by Christopher Renshaw, choreographed by Arlene Phillips, with designs by Mark Fisher and Willie Williams.

We Will Rock You does not chronicle the story of the band, Queen, rather it incorporates the songs of the rock group. The time is the future. Globalisation is complete. Everywhere, the kids watch the same movies wear the same fashions and think the same thoughts. It's a safe happy, Ga Gaworld. Unless your a rebel. Unless you want rock. On Planet Mall all musical instruments are banned. The company computers generate the tunes and everyone downloads them. But resistance is growing. Legend persists that somewhere on Planet Mall instruments still exist......

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