What would a West End show about your life look like?

If you dream of your life story being told on stage, there’s plenty to think about. Why not create your own production?

Sophie Thomas
Sophie Thomas

What do Alexander Hamilton and Tina Turner have in common? Their stories have been immortalised on stage. Life stories of influential figures regularly inspire some of the biggest productions worldwide, allowing audiences to discover more about their lives away from the public eye.

If you dream of your life story being told on stage, there’s plenty to think about. We run through the main points of creating your life story as a stage show. What would yours look like?

Would your life story be a play?


Is your life full of drama? Full of plot twists that when you tell your friends, they can’t believe you? If you’re looking for a male to dramatise your life story in play form, we can guarantee that James McAvoy would be a great pick. Or maybe Benedict Cumberbatch or Andrew Scott? How about Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart as an older version of you? Regardless of who you choose, your story would definitely be listened to world over.


There’s lots of West End actresses who’d also do a wonderful job of immortalising your life in stage form. There’s so many to choose from, like Hayley Atwell, Billie Piper and Gemma Arterton, or veteran performers like Maggie Smith and Judi Dench. Definitely a crowd pleasing cast selection there.

Would your life story be a musical?


Musical lovers need not fret either, as we’re sure that West End performers would be biting at the change to portray you on stage. From the likes of Elaine Paige, who played Evita, Rosalie Craig as the first woman to play Bobby in Company or Imelda Staunton, who is the three-time Olivier Award-winner of best actress in a musical, your life will become a smash hit.


We’ve not forgotten the musical men either. How about the Olivier Award-winning actor Michael Ball, the toe-tapping Charlie Stemp or Hamilton superstar Giles Terera?

Would you be the main character?

Okay, we all want to be the main character. But a person isn’t always at the centre of attention in every scenario (even though you may think you are!)

If you want to make every scene about you, and you alone, your character would be the star of the show. Your character would constantly be on stage, entertaining the audience. Or, would you only want to be on stage for a few minutes, highlighting how other people have behaved around you instead?

How many people would be cast in the show?

If there was a show about your life, you’d have to consider how many people (or now it’s on stage, characters) you’d want represented. You could make it a solo show, where you rely on props or costume changes to signify different individuals. Or, if it’s a certain relationship you’d want dramatised, why not have 2 to 10 cast members?

Those looking for a grand musical affair will definitely want over 20 cast members. That way, you can live out your flash mob dreams on some of the biggest stages London has to offer.

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