Whistleblower to play Waterloo East Theatre

A & R Theatre presents Richard Roques' new drama Whistleblower - The Story of Edward Snowden, directed by Alex McConnell, beginning previews on 08 Jul 2014, with an official opening set for 10 Jul and continuing its limited engagement through to 03 Aug 2014 at the Waterloo East Theatre, next to Waterloo Station in central London.

Synopsis: 'Edward Snowden is holed up in a hotel in Hong Kong. He has left his life in Hawaii, abandoned paradise for a life on the run. Tortured by thoughts of his girlfriend, his mother and father and the ghosts of other whistleblowers from Chelsea Manning in solitary confinement to Thomas Drake, charged with 35 years imprisonment, he waits. But will the CIA and the National Security Agency find him first?... This story has not yet finished. The revelations of mass surveillance by the U.S. and British security services keep coming out. Never mind about Angela Merkel, are they listening to your conversations, reading your messages, checking your emails?'

The cast of Whistleblower - The Story of Edward Snowden includes Ben Fisher, Walles Hammond, Miranda Wilson, and Solomon Mouseley.

Whistleblower - The Story of Edward Snowden features scenic design by Jonathan Gilmer, and lighting design by Martin Eatough.

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