Who Is Moloch by Pamela Carralero at Press Play House

Encompass Productions presents Who Is Moloch?, by Pamela Carralero, at the Press Play House, in Bethnal Green, east London, from 30 Jan to 9 Feb 2013.

Directed by Zuri Warren , designed by Samuel Harman, costumes by Hilary McCool.

Cast includes Austin Caley, Jonathan Whittaker, Andrew Miller, Tara Postma, Lily Carrie, Samantha Wynn, Abi Blears, Luke Manning, Jonathan Woodhouse, Freya Parsons, Robert Wallis, Zuri Warren, Eva Lea, Liam Fleming.

In the aftermath of a nuclear devastation that begins World War III, a company of soldiers barricade themselves underground with a sleep-inducing drug and a copy of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Awaiting orders as the world enters a terrifying nuclear age, tensions flare as the trauma of war takes its toll and their grip on reality is put to the test. As A Midsummer Night’s Dream sinks from the page into each soldier’s subconscious, their battle to survive the reality of war and come to terms with their experiences leads them to question: who is Moloch and what survives?

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