World premiere of Kathy Kirby: Icon

Mihara Donegan presents the world premiere of Kathy Kirby: Icon, by Tom O'Brien and David Cantor, at the The White Bear Theatre in Kennington, south London, from 20 October to 8 November 2015.

The musical is directed by Tim Heath, with set design by David Shields, choreography by Karen Halliday and musical supervision by James Cleeve. The cast includes Jeremy Gagan, Tina Jones, Maggie Lynne, Eddie Mann, Harry McLeod, Lloyd Morris, Abbi O’Keiffe and Michael Scott Wiseman.

Synopsis: "Charts sixties singer Kathy Kirby’s story. Her rise to superstardom, fame, fortune and a string of lovers to her withdrawal from public life and her struggle with inner demons, a spiral downwards, a turbulent personal life and the descent into virtual recluse. Illustrated with songs and live music from the thirties to the seventies."

Kathy Kirby was best known for her cover version of Doris Day's 'Secret Love' and for representing the United Kingdom in the 1965 Eurovision Song Contest. She retired at the height of her popularity.

Kathy Kirby: Icon is accompanied by I Play for Me, a new play by David Cantor. This tells the fictional story of Elliot Figueroa, a trailblazing 1960s musician whose temperamental side comes hand-in-hand with his raw talent and, who on the brink of success, realises that everything comes at a cost.

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