World premiere of Voyager at the New Diorama

Idle Motion present the world premiere of Voyager at the New Diorama Theatre, an 80 seat fringe venue near Warren Street, central London, from 24 May to 11 June 2016, with an official opening on 26 May.

The production has been devised collaboratively by Grace Chapman, Sophie Cullen, Nick Pitt, Ellie Simpson, Julian Spooner and Kate Stanley. It will be directed by Kate Stanley and features set/costume design by Ellen Nabarro and sound by Chris Bartholomew. The cast includes Grace Chapman (Carrie), Sophie Cullen (Ensemble), Nick Pitt (Jack), Ellie Simpson (Ensemble) and Julian Spooner (Ben).

Synopsis: "In 1977 the Voyager spacecraft is launched on its journey of discovery. It carries with it a time capsule containing a Golden Record of sounds and music from earth – a brief history of mankind. Just minutes after this momentous launch, a baby girl is born on earth. Carrie. Four decades later, Voyager is 12 billion miles from home – further than anything manmade has ever travelled. Carrie is a teacher and soon to be married. As Voyager leaves our solar system a change is triggered in Carrie and a strong desire to leave Earth begins to grow. She begins to contemplate leaving behind everything she has ever known to become a pioneer on a one way mission to Mars."

Voyager is part of A Nation's Theatre Festival. The festival celebrates UK creativity with theatre-makers from outside London presenting and developing shows across the capital in April and May 2016.

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