Yes, Prime Minister transfers to Gielgud 20 Sep 2011

Yes, Prime Minister, transfers from the Apollo Theatre, where it is currently running to 17 Sep 2011, to next door's Gielgud Theatre on 20 Sep 2011, running to 19 Nov 2011.

The current cast of Simon Williams (Sir Humphrey) and Richard McCabe (The Prime Minister, Jack Hacker) will transfer with the production.

Yes, Prime Minister is written by Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn, the original writers of the classic TV series Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister.

It is directed by Jonathan Lynn, designed by Simon Higlett, lighting by Tim Mitchell.

Prime Minister Jim Hacker and Cabinet Secretary Sir Humphrey Appleby face a country in financial meltdown. The only prospect of salvation comes from morally dubious allies – leading to deliciously comic consequences.

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