Young Vic announce 3 productions in Maria Studio

The Young Vic Theatre has announced three productions for its Maria Studio.

Trash Cuisine, devised by Belarus Free Theatre, from 30 May to 15 June 2013. Directed by Nicolai Khalezin. Welcome to the Capital Punishment Cafe! Our chef’s specials today include electrocution, hanging and lethal injection. And save some room for dessert, because we’ve got firing squad and stoning. Can I take your order? In 2013, Belarus is the last country in Europe to still use the death penalty, keeping company with 94 other countries across the world. Banned from performing openly in their home country, Belarus Free Theatre present new work that weaves together real-life testimonies with extracts of Shakespeare’s tragedies, live music and dance to challenge the justification behind capital punishments continued use.

The Secret Agent, created by theatre O, Matthew Hurt and the Company. Inspired by Joseph Conrad’s novel, The Secret Agent, from 4 to 21 Sep 2013. Directed by Joseph Alford. It is the story of a reluctant spy pressured by 'a foreign power' to blow up the Greenwich Observatory so as to provoke the UK government into passing repressive legislation. Using early 20th century forms of entertainment, including music hall, magic-lantern and early cinematic techniques, theatre O tell the story at its heart – that of a woman fighting to protect her young brother from exploitation and violence.

The Events, by David Greig, from 9 Oct to 2 Nov 2013. Directed by Ramin Gray. (An Actors Touring Company, Young Vic Theatre, Brageteatret & Schauspielhaus Wien Co-Production) Claire, a woman who finds herself caught up in a politically and racially motivated mass murder, which upturns everything she believes about herself and a young man she thought she knew.

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