Yve Blake & Co. presents Then at Soho Theatre Upstairs

Yve Blake & Co. presents Then, a show 'co-created with the Internet', at Soho Theatre Upstairs, in central London, from 08 Jul to 13 Jul 2014.

Synopsis: 'In 2013, Yve Blake dared the world to anonymously donate their memories at WhoWereWe.com in the form of stories, voicemails, pictures and playlists. 5 to 95 year olds from 154 international cities have unearthed tales in which their past selves play the lead, and shared these with Yve and the internet. Using handcrafted music and spectacular visuals, Yve brings this ever-growing collection of histories to life onstage in celebration of the idiots, strangers and heroes that we used to be. Having engaged a community online, the show invites these anonymous contributors to step out of the internet and into the theatre where they can see their memories brought to life in living colour.'

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