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Gatsby's Mansion, Immersive London, London
The Great Gatsby - Immersive London
Gatsby's Mansion, Immersive London, London
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Have you ever read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and wished you could be invited to one of Jay Gatsby’s parties? Now is your turn to step inside the novel and live out your wildest fantasies, as the immersive theatre adaptation of The Great Gatsby is back in London. The Great Gatsby tickets are available on London Theatre now.

The Great Gatsby is an immersive play that’s inspired by the seminal twenties novel of the same name. During the show, you’ll meet Jay Gatsby, a millionaire who has become the talk-of-the-town thanks to his lavish, indulgent parties. But underneath all the bright lights and action, the alluring mystery of Jay Gatsby remains. Throughout The Great Gatsby, audiences are able to speak to Gatsby himself, discovering what goes on in West Egg. But it’s not all about the host though, as The Great Gatsby celebrates all parts of the Roaring Twenties. Red-hot jazz and syncopated rhythms, check. Charlestons and lindy-hops? Check. Moonshine? Well, it is the Prohibition era after all.

The Great Gatsby play in London is adapted and directed by Alexander Wright. Wright teams up with Olivier Award-winning producers Louis Hartshorn and Brian Hook for The Great Gatsby, who later collaborated on the immersive adaptation of The Wolf of Wall Street. But the champagne has flowed through The Great Gatsby for many years, and is currently the longest-running immersive production of its kind in the UK.

If you’re expecting to sit and watch The Great Gatsby calmly, then think again. Audience members will be invited to visit breakout rooms during the show, allowing theatregoers to discover more about the F. Scott Fitzgerald characters. But whatever you see during The Great Gatsby, you’re in for a jazzy treat. In a The Great Gatsby review for, “A night on the tiles with some of literature’s most famous characters was [just that, great.] Everything you’d expect from a show set in the 1920s is there: the Charleston, the bob hair cuts, the constant talk about motor cars.”

As theatre invites go, The Great Gatsby is the hottest ticket in town. Book your The Great Gatsby tickets on London Theatre today.

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Previews from |
1st October 2020
Opening date |
22nd October 2020
Booking from |
16th September 2021
Available until |
1st February 2022
Run time |
2 hours 10 minutes (one interval)
Suitable for ages 14+Anyone under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18+. The Great Gatsby will challenge 25 so ID may be required or you may be refused entry.
Alexander Wright, based on the story by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Louis Hartshorn and Brian Hook
Alexander Wright
Rachel Sampley
Phil Grainger
Casey Jay Andrews
Holly Beasley-Garrigan
Heledd Rees
Cast list:
Oliver Towse as Gatsby, alongside Lucinda Turner as Daisy, Hugh Stubbins as Nick, Jermaine Dominique as Tom, Steve McCourt s George, Jessica Hern as Jordan, Aminita Francis as Myrtle, Alex Wingfield as Rosy Rosenthal, Aimee Barrett as Lucille and Greg Fossard as Joey.

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Our Review of The Great Gatsby - Immersive London


Nearly a year into this decade and it’s fair to say life isn’t exactly as "roaring" as we may have wanted. So, to get gladrags on, clink glasses and be a guest of Jay Gatsby’s latest party was a much-needed life tonic. But for all the loaded splendour and sophistication a title like The Great Gatsby carries in popular culture, its immersive theatre adaptation struggles to hit the aspirational high that it’s striving to achieve. Read more

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