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Shakespeare's Globe
Shakespeare landmarks to visit in London (and beyond)
Most of Shakespeare’s most famous plays take place beyond the borders of his homeland: Italy, France, Bohemia, Denmark. But Shakespeare left many traces of his life in the country where he built his... Read more
All the West End stars who will perform in BBC Musicals: The Greatest Show
Celebrating the art of musical theatre, the BBC will be presenting a series of musical events. As part of the broadcast, BBC Musicals: The Greatest Show will be available to watch this February. The... Read more
Photo credit: Ocean (Photo by Giga Khurtsilava on Unsplash)
The best sea shanties in musical theatre
Every few days or so, new viral trends take over social media. Whether it’s photo challenges or dance crazes, millions of creatives get involved in these trends, typically popularising songs released... Read more
Photo credit: Covid-19 Vaccine (Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash)
How are theatres helping the fight against Coronavirus?
We cannot wait for the day that West End theatres reopen again. Even though it’s not looking like it’ll be for a little while yet, theatre owners are doing all they can to speed up the process and... Read more
Photo credit: Blue Monday Confetti (Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash)
West End shows to watch on Blue Monday 2021
The third Monday of January is often known as Blue Monday, which falls on 18 January 2021. Typically considered to be the saddest day of the year and with theatres closed for the foreseeable future,... Read more
Photo credit: Michael Sheen and David Tennant in Staged (Photo courtesy of BBC Press Centre)
Guide to the 'Staged' stars on BBC One
When the first lockdown began in England, creatives found a new space to perform — online. Rehearsals, meetings and even productions now often take place virtually, with television quickly catching... Read more
Photo credit: Red rose on paper (Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)
The Best Shakespeare Quotes about Love
William Shakespeare needs no introduction. The sixteenth-century British playwright changed the landscape of theatre and the English language, with dozens of comedies, tragedies, and histories. But... Read more
Photo credit: Come From Away cast (Photo by Craig Sugden)
Everything You Need to Know About ‘Come From Away’ in London
A 9/11 inspired show may not seem like an uplifting topic for a musical. But, get rid of any preconceived notion you may have about what could be featured in a 9/11 musical, and instead be wowed by... Read more
Photo credit: Danny Burstein in Moulin Rouge (Photo by Matthew Murphy)
Everything you need to know about Moulin Rouge: The Musical in London
When someone says Moulin Rouge, what do you think of first? We tend to think of the lascivious, nighttime behaviour mixed with the lavishness and luxuriousness of a sizzling nightclub. If you’ve... Read more
Photo credit: Friends (Photo by Daan Stevens on Unsplash)
The Best Shakespeare Quotes about Friendship
William Shakespeare plays have greatly impacted the English language. However, his way with words may not directly translate to modern day vernacular.  Whenever Shakespeare mentions friends or... Read more
Photo credit: Open book (Photo by Jonas Jacobsson on Unsplash)
The Best Quotes from Shakespeare's Comedies
With no shadow of a doubt, William Shakespeare is the greatest British playwright that has ever lived. Having penned dozens of comedies, tragedies, and histories, Shakespeare's plays have been... Read more
Photo credit: Matt Cardle and Beverley Knight in Memphis (Photo by David Jensen)
British pop stars that have sung in and written West End musicals
As well as West End stars appearing in shows throughout London, pop stars being involved in musicals have always piqued audience interest. Whether it’s a world-class singer making their stage debut... Read more
Photo credit: The Lion King (Photo courtesy of Disney Theatricals)
Everything you need to know about ‘The Lion King’ in London
You’ve seen the original The Lion King animated movie. You’ve probably watched the live action adaptation of The Lion King too. But, have you seen the stage production? Transporting audiences to the... Read more
Photo credit: Millennium Bridge (Photo by Anthony Delanoix on Unsplash)
When are all London shows opening in 2021?
Even though a smattering of West End shows opened in the latter part of 2020, the majority of London theatres have been closed throughout lockdown. With postponed dates becoming somewhat of the norm... Read more
Photo credit: Tower Bridge (Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash)
How you can help the London theatre community during the lockdown period
With England plunged into its third lockdown in a year, it’s fair to say the West End has never seen a time like this. Theatres remain shut, live performances continue to be postponed and West End... Read more
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