Beckett Trilogy transfers from Royal Court to Duchess

Beckett Trilogy - Not I, Footfalls, Rockaby - transfers from the Royal Court Theatre Downstairs to the Duchess Theatre, from 3 to 15 Feb 2014. The production will go on a tour of the UK later in the year with international dates also set to be added. (The sold-out run at the Royal Court runs from 9 to 18 Jan 2014)

Directed by Walter Asmus and starring Lisa Dwan, produced by The Royal Court Theatre and Mighty Mouth.

Not I is an intense monologue, set in a pitch-black space lit by a single beam of light. A disembodied female mouth floats eight feet above the stage and delivers a stream of consciousness, spoken, as Beckett directed, at the speed of thought. Rockaby explores loneliness and features a prematurely old woman dressed in an evening gown, sitting on a wooden rocking chair that appears to rock of its own accord. Footfalls features the distant voice of 'Mother' and May who paces back and forth like a metronome, on a bare strip of floor.

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