Blue Fence by Heather O'Shea at Pleasance Theatre 22 Feb

Bendrix Theatre presents Blue Fence, by Heather O’Shea, at the Pleasance Theatre, in north London, 22 Feb to 12 Mar 2011.

Directed by Francesca Seeley, designed by Giulia Scrimieri, lighting by William Reynolds, sound by Jon McLeod.

Cast includes Flora Nicholson (Claire) , Thomas Hunt, Antonia Kinlay

As Claire begins work on the most exciting commission of her career – a public sculpture for the 2012 Olympics – she has a life-changing stroke. As doubts are raised over Claire’s physical ability to create the work, her commission is changed and she is asked to create a sculpture for the Paralympics. Claire is now considered a 'disabled artist' and whilst struggling to accept the way she has been labeled, she questions whether she is really the best person to represent Paralympiads.

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